See something unsafe? Here’s how you can tell us!

From the CASA Briefing on 11th Decenber 2023:

“Everything we do is driven by safety and we understand most people in the aviation industry do the right thing and act in good faith in accordance with the rules.
The professionalism and integrity of the majority of aviation industry participants underpins Australia’s strong safety record but we understand people sometimes make mistakes.”

They want you to report any safety concerns to them.

“When that happens, we work with them using just culture principles to help them understand how they may have inadvertently erred and what they need to do to avoid making the same mistake again.”

I have seen example of this in the past. I was taking a student on a dual navigation exercise when he pointed out that another aircraft was on our wingtip in close formation! I subsequently reported the incident via the ATSB’s REPCON – Confidential Reporting Scheme and a CASA Flight Operations Inspector followed it up.

“What we have zero tolerance for is serious, wilful or repeated disregard of the aviation rules – and so should you.”

Really? I was flying formation with another pilot when Barry Hempel came up close on my wingtip with no prior briefing, no warning and no radio call. I was following the lead aircraft so totally unaware until the lead advised me. Hempel caused a potentially dangerous situation. He repeatedly disregarded aviation rules and safety practices. He was told to leave the venue of one aerobatic competition. CASA knew of many of his breaches but took absolutely no action.

“We can’t be everywhere and see everything but credible reports from the public and industry can alert us to people doing the wrong thing and help improve safety.”

Like Martinus Van Hattem who, like Barry Hempel, was killed in a Yak 52 along with a passenger. Many people were aware of his behaviour however it seems to me that they failed to report it to either the ATSB or CASA!

There are others, like this one, who have been known by many to have repeatedly disregarded aviation rules and safety practices yet no-one took any action.

Too many innocent people killed as result.

Personally, I will continue to use the ATSB’s REPCON – Confidential Reporting Scheme.

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